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Smile Cloud Projects

My Mission to create ARTWORK that uplifts and inspires its participant and viewers.
Something that crosses over people's differences and unites them in the spirit of peace.


Give a Smile, Get a Smile

The History behind the idea   2014sc31e 

After, spending the whole summer of 2014 in the US, I was surrounded by smiles. To add to the happiness the back ground music was playing the Pharrell Williams song, HAPPY and well, I was.

That is when I got the idea to create a SMILE CLOUD.

The first SMILE CLOUD began in September, in Dielsdorf, Switzerland and was completed in December 2014. It was a huge success. We collected lots of smiles. Thank you to all who participated.

Now that the first Smile Cloud is finished, we are even more inspired than before to create Smile Clouds.

Please join us and...
GIVE A SMILE, and be a part of a smile cloud.

Send us a picture of your smile or stop-by at the next Smile Cloud event & be happy making others happy. 

There are so many reasons to smile and so many ways, too. With teeth or without, ear to ear or Mona Lisa.

Just smile in a way that makes YOU happy. 

Dada Smile Cloud

Your own Personalized Smile Cloud