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The Swiss Book
Find my "The making of ...smiles wanted! homage to dada" in the catalogue
ISBN 978-3-9524773-0-4

Swiss Photo Award
My Project "See. Skeptics smile too!"

A great humanitarian organisation

Cabaret Voltaire
Cabaret Voltaire is the Birthplace of Dada.
I organized a couple of events there.

füürwärch / fireworks
keramik & kunst / pottery & art 
Our neigbours in Dübendorf

Hamrahi Association
Une porte pour aller au delà des chlichés
(A door for going beyond the clichés/prejudices)

Paul Dorn AKA St. Pauli
Dada is for everyone. Because of that Dadamt is
accessible to everyone

Dadadance - Clarissa Hurst
Explore, discover and connect with your creativity




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