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Openings / Events 

2.-5.3.17   A Woman's Accent, Peyer Fine Art, Zürich
25.1.17   Dada "The Unveiling Experience", Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich
8.11.16   Dada "The Vote", Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich
28.-30.10.16   GrossartigUnterwegs Bülach, "Stop, Stand, Smile"
25.9.16   SlowUp Zürichsee, Collecting Smiles
23.-25.10.15   GrossartigBlau Bülach, Susan with She says, "There is no turning back."
25.-28.9.14    Gewerbeschau Dielsdorf, with Smile Cloud and ...just PAINT! in Dielsdorf 
14.-15.6.14    VorsichtKunst! Open Studio in Höri
14.3.14   "Guilty Pleasure or Presto Chango" in Zürich
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