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Welcome to N-ART

The central location for all creative things from

Susan Buchser-Lochocki


soon: N-ART Shop Update

Aug/Sep: Studio Move

End of year: Release of the 2nd Dada book:
Similes Wanted!Homage to Dada, the Smile Collection


Aug 2017: Back to work!
Photo shoot of the Dada Smile Cloud
Writing 2nd Dada book: Smile Wanted!Homage to Dada, the Smile Collection

Jul/Aug 2017: Vacation!
Rest and relax and recharging my creative batteries for the second half of the year

Jul 2017: Smile Cloud - the photos
Photo shoot of the Dada Smile Cloud

Jun 2017: The 2nd book
Writing 2nd Dada book: Smiles Wanted!Homage to Dada, the Smile Collection

May 2017: Preparing the move
Cleaning/Organizing for the studio move

Apr 2017: EATW
Chairlady of an annual local week-long kids camp, in English

Mar 2017: A busy month
The Making of... Smiles Wanted!Homage to Dada. 1st book completed.
8.3. International Women's day Craft Fair and Marketplace **
2.-5.3. Women's History Month Gallery Show Celebration: A Woman's Accent **
** organized by the Zurich International Woman's Assoc 

Feb 2017: The Books
Coming soon: The Books Smiles Wanted!Homage to Dada
"The making of..." and "The Smile Collection" (1st Editions)

Jan 2017: The Unveiling Experience
It was a great event at Cabaret Voltaire. Find out more.

Dec 2016: Holiday Shop is open 24/7
Order your Friendship Bracelets and Postcards for the Holidays
Order the BOOK: Smiles Wanted!Homage to Dada, the Smile Collection

Nov 2016: "The Vote" was a success
A big thank you to all of you who braved the cold and came out to vote... Hillary was OUR winner.

Oct 2016: Grossartig
GrossartigUnterwegs was a huge success! Lots of Smiles!

Sep 2016: N-ART at SlowUp Zurichsee
We will collect smiles at SlowUp Zurichsee. 25.9.16
You will find us at Seestrasse 241, 8713 Uerikon

Sep 2016: 2 talks "Smiles Wanted! Homage to Dada" 
Susan held 2 talks about her "Smile Wanted! Homage to Dada" project

Aug 2016: Partnership with foodKIND.org 
Smiles for refugees! Link to foodKind charity

Jun 2016: I will participate in this years "Grossartig..." 
It's called "GrossartigUnterwegs". Date: 28.-30. October. Link

May 2016: Dada Smile Cloud Sneak Peek
Sneak Peek with coffee and cake, on 28. May. 2016 - missed it? Next one in September

Apr 2016: End of start-up sponsoring Dada Smile Cloud
Continued collection of smiles and construction begins.

Mar 2016: Logo and Flyer design
For a special private event.

Feb 2016: Dada Smile Cloud on www.wemakeit.com
Let's celebrate 100 years of Dada, TOGETHER!
Sponsors and Smiles Wanted! We-make-it Link / Infos on this website

Jan 2016: Happy New Year
Start the new year with a smile: WWW Smile Cloud 2016
...just PAINT! project ended.

Nov 2015: N-ART Studio 2nd Year Anniversary
7. Nov. at N-ART Studio, at Art Loft in Höri - You are invited!

Oct 2015: Come and see me at "GrossartigBlau"
23.-25. October in Bülach. A great event, see impressions here and Peter Erb's video here.

Sept 2015: My Artist Portrait at boesner GmbH
The great art store asked me to be part of their Artist Portrait Project.
find me here  It's me in my studio.

Aug 2015: New ...just PAINT! dates
All Dates for Fall 2015 are released.

July 2015: Date for 2y Studio open house set
Open house will be on 7. Nov. 2015, 1000-1800


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Smiles, more Smiles, Smile Cloud!

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It's all about smiles: Books, Cards and more!

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Preparing the studio move

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Group Show:

In Celebration of Woman's History Month

Gallery flyer 3

The Unveiling Experience:

25.1.2017 at Cabaret Voltaire

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SmileWanted!Homage to Dada Events:

16 sc dada press photo

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Thank you for your participation in Bülach.


The BOOK, the friendship bracelet,
the cards, etc. etc.


Dada Smile Cloud:

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www Smile Cloud:

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"www Smile Cloud" is my new project.

All Infos how to participate: here
General information about the Smile Cloud Projects